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90 minutes toward MORE COOPERATION
Some days, you just don’t feel like the parent you thought you’d be.  

You find yourself nagging, threatening and even bribing your kids just to get out the door on time, to get them to clean up their clothes and toys, and even to stop doing something unsafe or just plain irritating.  You want a lasting solution to the daily battles, tailored to your family, so you can be effective AND enjoy being with your kids more. 

I’ve been there. 

I know how frustrating and overwhelming parenting can be in the day-to-day moments.  

I know how you question yourself... 

How you wonder what it is that you’re doing (or not doing) that’s contributing to the issue... 

How you sometimes find yourself frustrated and confused by your child’s behavior... 

How you might lose your patience and find yourself yelling, scolding or threatening some consequence that you don’t really even want to enforce... 

And how you end up feeling resentful that your yelling or threats “worked” - at least for now...  


You’re not alone.  

And you’re right: everything doesn’t have to be so hard.  


And I can tell you now, after years of study, training, experimentation, and practice, there is another way.  


It doesn’t involve fake empathy, threats or promises of rewards.  

It’s not some canned technique, but a personalized process of leaning in, observing, getting curious and discovering something new about how to work *with* your child and their innate gifts and temperament, as well as understanding yourself and what drives you and how you tend to operate and express your needs. 

Together we uncover ways for you and your child to truly work together.      


You could get a little boost...  A little bit of connection without any judgment whatsoever.  
What if this support didn't require childcare or moving mountains just to squeeze it into your day.
Picking up the phone and efficiently running over what feels most frustrating, most stressful, most stuck in your parenting right now and getting a different perspective and some new strategies to help reboot your system so that you can be the calm, connected parent that you are on your best days.  
And it doesn't require juggling everything and everyone to make it happen.
And you don't have to take out a second mortgage to pay for it.
Imagine making space for a new level of awareness to bring into your most precious relationships... 
So that you can feel effective and grounded, generous and connected.  


  • Before our initial coaching session, you’ll receive my State of My Family Check-In, which has been designed for you to get clear about not only your challenges and obstacles but also the values you hold dear and how you really want to show up in your family.  Your completion of the SOMF Check-In is the foundation for the session and informs the custom strategies we will build together based on the personalities, qualities, and values of your family. 

  • During our 90-minute personalized coaching session by phone (or Skype if international) we will explore how your child acts and *why*, identify your main communication hitch, why it’s not working and devise an action plan tailored especially for you and your child.

  • One week later, we reconvene for a 30-minute session where we will share celebrations and challenges.  You’ll receive specific feedback and coaching to refine your process.  




Eileen blends professionalism, compassion and understanding in a way no one else can.  I was desperate to learn how to parent in a different way, I knew my methods of 'old' were not in alignment with who I wanted to be and my 5 year old was taking the toll.  Once I started coaching with Eileen, I realized not only is there another way to parent but there is also a way to look compassionately at your parenting and not be so hard on yourself.

That alone was a breath of fresh air!  It has been an incredibly wonderful and freeing experience to watch my parenting transform and my stress around parenting decrease!  It seems to be contagious in the house too! 

Can't thank you enough, Eileen!

~ Caroline Watters, mom of 2


1. Click the “Start Now” button below to submit your payment.

2. After you submit your payment, you’ll receive your welcome note and client agreement from me within 1 business day.

3. Once your agreement has been signed, you’ll be given access to your State of My Family Check-In.  

4. When your Check-In is complete, you’ll be given a link to schedule your sessions with me. Then, we’ll have our initial session!

5.  A week later we will have our challenges + celebrations follow up session.


Have questions? Email me.

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