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PARENTING: ALigned values


What kind of relationship do you want with your child?  

As an adult, which values do you hope to see in them?

When you look at your own everyday actions, are those values reflected?  

Or do you sometimes make choices that feel easier in the moment, but that doesn't exactly align with your values deep down?

This self-led mini-course is for you if you...

  • find yourself lying to your child to avoid a melt-down 

  • see your child behaving in ways that don't match your values

  • want to get clear about what you care about, and to clean up habits that don't feel great in your parenting

  • want to spend some time focusing on the long-term relationship with your child, and explore how that relates to everyday moments.​

What you get:

  • parenting values talk (15-minute audio) - I'll talk you through why this work matters, how it shapes our decisions, and how our attention to the details of our daily exchanges with our kids conveys more than rules, lectures and artificially imposed consequences.

  • printable workbook (PDF) - you'll have space to explore, reflect and name what you care about, why, and how these values show up in your relationships

  • step-by-step instruction guiding you through the workbook (15-minute audio) - I'll coach you through the workbook; this won't be another item you download and never complete.  Small enough to work through but big enough to have practical action items to incorporate into your week.  

  • optional 1:1 coaching session at a special rate - personalized support for your exact situation.  Bring your questions, stuck spots, and specific concerns and we will unravel, then rebuild with value-aligned strategies.  This is purely optional.  The mini-course is designed to complete solo, in your own time, at your own pace.  

What you need:

  • email!  This course is delivered by email, so you'll be able to download the materials and use them at your convenience.  

  • printer for workbook, or journal to write out the exercises if you don't have access to a printer

  • about an hour of your time, energy and focus

  • a sincere desire to look at yourself, how you show up as a striving human, and a willingness to make adjustments

  • your open, generous heart.  It's easy to beat ourselves up about areas that aren't working.  We are all still learning and this is just part of the process.  Be gentle with yourself, and trust that your striving is what makes you the parent your child needs.  

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