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Do you ever find yourself parenting in a way that doesn't feel good?  
You want a child who is attentive and responsive, but sometimes you may find yourself dismissing your child in exchange for a moment of ease.

You want a child who is truthful, yet there you are, telling a half truth to your child because it meets some other need of yours.  
You want a child who is caring and compassionate, and notice that you've been depleted and speaking without compassion to them or about others.  
I felt this way.  I wondered if I could be more intentional about how I handled small, everyday moments.
This offering is based on practices that changed the way I moved throughout my day, and years later they still influence how I respond to my children.  
I created this offering to share these practices with you and to guide you on your path to aligning more fully with your deepest values.  
If you can relate, this new series is for you... 
In this 3 part series focused on clarifying and manifesting your highest values, we will: 

  • explore what kind of person you hope your child will become

  • learn how your thoughts and actions support those values

  • identify obstacles to conveying your values

  • disrupt habits that don't serve you 

  • practice new ways to connect with yourself

  • model your values in everyday moments 

The series will unfold over 4 weeks.  

Three in-person weeks will include: 

  • check-in + intention setting

  • lesson on main concept

  • worksheets and/or prompts to personalize the content 

  • time for sharing questions, challenges, and celebrations

  • group coaching

  • you will leave each session with practices to bring into your week

One assimilation week will include:

  • worksheet and/or prompt to continue the work 

  • invitation for feedback/sharing your experience 

Having support from week to week is essential as you'll be incorporating new ideas into your life.  When you feel confused or unclear or stuck, we will reconvene in our small group where you can ask questions, share and learn from the experiences of the group.  I'll be guiding you, asking questions and helping you to uncover a path that feels aligned, clear and connected to your values.  


Together we will define what truly matters to you and assess which actions support and detract from modeling those values in your parenting, and in the rest of your life. 

We will identify where to put your attention and energy over the coming weeks.  


This week we will identify some blocks that keep you from aligning with your values. 

We will dig into habits, thoughts and fears that may be driving behavior and explore ways to unwind those habits and reactions.  


There is no in-person meeting this week. 
You will receive exercises to deepen the practice.

This week is all about slowing down, reflecting on your inner experience, and noticing challenges and celebrations. 



This week we will explore personal responsibility and creating a plan for nurturing yourself so that your natural empathy can overflow. 

Protecting your energetic reserves will decrease your reactivity and set you up to align your actions with your values.

Register for VALUES Series


Wednesday 2/22 from 6:30-8pm
Wednesday 3/1 from 6:30-8pm
Wednesday 3/8 (no class) 
Wednesday 3/15 from 6:30-8pm




This series is now closed.

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