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More Connected, Less Reactive

You don't know why it has to be this hard.



You want a peaceful house.  To be present, available, patient.  


You feel strongly about parenting with compassion, but then you lose your cool and feel heavy with regret about your actions.  


While it’s not all about compliance, sometimes it seems the desire for cooperation overrides the dream of being present, understanding and connected.  


You want to feel less reactive and more intentional when your buttons are being pushed.  


And while we're at it, you would love a little cooperation too.

To feel you matter and are valued and heard and respected.

Is that possible?  

Yes.  I believe it is.  

About Eileen
Eileen Fauver parenting coach trust respect inspiration

As a communication and mindfulness coach, I help parents cultivate respect and trust with their family by guiding them to align with their values and to embody those values in the day to day moments.  

I help to clean up thoughts that drive reactivity.  I am all about clear, effective, non-coercive communication that honors the needs of both people involved, regardless of age.  

Once you've learned how to manage your thoughts, you reactivity will dissipate. You will start to feel calm, connected and at peace no matter how chaotic things get.  

And, when you let go of fear and attachment, you may be surprised how you, and those around you, begin to contribute to your well being.  

Not because they have to.  But because they want to.  

And it's a beautiful thing.  



You crave connection with your child and you value parenting with respect, but find yourself snapping and regretting your tone, words, or actions.  You want a new perspective and strategies that are specific to your unique family.  


I can help.  



  1. click "start now" to schedule a free 45 minute chat on my calendar

  2. complete a few brief questions

  3. when our time comes around we have a call - we get to know each other, you share what's going on, and I share how I can help.  That's it!  

Insight Session
Shelly Sowell LPCC Eileen Fauver Parent Coaching

Shelly Sowell, LPCC

Your workshops have helped me to slow down and be present to my child, rather than my agenda for my child.  I always walk away feeling and living a greater sense of compassion for what he's going through as he grows into this complicated world.  I also find it's easier to stay present to my deep love and gratitude for my kid , even in the hard moments.  THANK YOU!!!!

Katy Hopkins PhD family psychologist Eileen Fauver Coaching

Katy Hopkins, PhD

As a child and family psychologist, I encounter families every day that are stressed and struggling. Not every family needs intensive therapy. In fact, most don't. For many of families, what they need most is a compassionate guide to help reconnect with their values and with each other. This is where Eileen comes in. I refer parents to Eileen because her work is rooted in evidenced-based approaches to understanding children's emotions and behavior. Simply put- she knows the building blocks of a compassionate, connected family. 

Liz Trantanella Doula Eileen Fauver Parent Coaching

Liz Trantanella, Doula

Working with Eileen opened my eyes to stressful thought patterns that were interfering with my relationship.  Eileen helped me to understand why my body and mind were reacting and how to make that connection more harmonious.  If you are looking for clear, nonjudgmental guidance you’ve come to the right place.  

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