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Parenting as a practice:
bringing your yoga off the mat & into your family 


Your yoga practice is more than just time for self-care.

It serves as a foundation for connecting with your best self – the one that is calm, connected and present.  


You want to bring more of your best self into your family life – not just while you're on the mat, but in the everyday moments of parenting that sometimes feel challenging, overwhelming, and confusing.  (In between all the sweet, astonishing and humbling moments too!)


Join Eileen Fauver, parent educator and coach, to learn how your yoga practice supports connected parenting.

We will explore 

- the power of observations, 

- clear communication and 

- how to own and express your needs to cultivate more trust, understanding, and harmony in your home and yourself.  


All parents and parents-to-be are welcome, as are babies in arms. 

Examples will focus on ages 8 and younger, but parents of older children and grandparents will also be able to easily apply the concepts to children of all ages. 

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Infinite Bliss Yoga
1507 Bardstown Rd, 40205
Thursday, October 19 
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Eileen blends professionalism, compassion and understanding in a way no one else can.  I was desperate to learn how to parent in a different way, I knew my methods of 'old' were not in alignment with who I wanted to be and my 5 year old was taking the toll.  Once I started coaching with Eileen, I realized not only is there another way to parent but there is also a way to look compassionately at your parenting and not be so hard on yourself.

That alone was a breath of fresh air!  It has been an incredibly wonderful and freeing experience to watch my parenting transform and my stress around parenting decrease!  It seems to be contagious in the house too! 

Can't thank you enough, Eileen!

~ Caroline Watters, mom of 2

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