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raising children with respect, one generation, respect, parenting, compassion, nonviolence, trust


to see again.

to see through another's eyes.

What would happen if even one generation were raised with respect?

Trusting that their viewpoint, their experience matters?

That their cries will be heard?

That they will be held, and supported in finding solutions?


to harm oneself or another.

What would happen if one generation were raised without violence?

Without shame, blame or criticism?

Without moralistic judgements: right or wrong, good or bad?

Without coercion?

Not that they will always be agreed with or that their behavior will be condoned,

But that they will be listened to with a deep desire to be understood?

What would happen if one child were raised with respect and without violence?

Too unrealistic?

Too idealistic?

They'll never be socialized?

They'll be morally corrupt?

Feel past the fear.

Find the place inside of you that longs for mattering, being understood, and to be treated with generosity.

What we model for our children is what they internalize.

When we apologize, they learn accountability and see our humanity.

When we forgive others, they learn forgiveness.

When we forgive ourselves, they learn self love.

When we are generous to others, in thought and action, they learn generosity.

When we serve others joyfully, they learn giving from the heart.

When we value connection over compliance, they learn understanding and choice.

When we listen, without agenda, they learn empathy.

When our actions match our words, they learn integrity.

Start with the person closest to you: yourself

This week, I invite you to notice toxic self-talk, which might show up as "shoulds," self-judgement, self-criticism, lack of self-forgiveness, and other thoughts that make you feel small, defeated and diminished.

The simple act of awareness, bringing your attention to your behavior is the first step in creating change.

Give yourself permission to offer yourself the respect and compassion that you wish for your child to internalize. Welcome the intention to align your integrity with your values. Have compassion for yourself first and experience how this serves your child over time.

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