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Trusting your wise body, coaching, inner wisdom

Here come the daffodils and redbuds…

Spring is inching in through muddy patches and breezy days. Spring is all about rebirth, renewal, creation from the dormant.

Maybe you've been waiting too, like the seed just under the soil.

Waiting to be ready or for space in your schedule to magically appear, waiting for someone to pitch in or for a vacation to lift you out of your routine. But here's the thing:

we only have now. This is it. The dishes and the mess and the scheduled commitments and the next meal... and the meal after that. All these sometimes mundane things that make a life, a life you love, but sometimes may feel a little lost in. What about me? The person I was? Where is the person who used to choose to do things that lit ME up? If you find yourself wondering how to get back home, to the person you used to be – who was fun and excited and engaged…

My best guess is that person has been with you all along – giving you subtle (or not so subtle!) cues. You've simply forgotten how to interpret, or you've overridden, the messages coming from within. Tune in. What do you feel in your body? Is there something that feels small, constricted or blocked? Maybe you're believing something that's not entirely true...? Remember that time waaay back when you had a bad feeling about someone or something and it turned out you were right? Your body knew before you could logically figure it out. We all experience these signals, yet we tell ourselves to be fair, don't judge, be open... How would it feel to TRUST your body's wisdom? How would it feel to re-learn how to interpret its messages and act from a place of clarity and confidence? Maybe you could give yourself permission to say no to invitations? Permission to attend to your needs without guilt. Permission to be honest with others, without fear that you lose them. Maybe you'd discover your honesty actually brings others closer. Maybe you'd leave confusion and find clarity. It's not about being "right," it's about what's right for you in the moment. So next time you're feeling conflicted, scan your body.

Instead of polling your friends, get curious about what your body is telling you.

And remember how your body has guided you through your gut, your heart, your throat…

It has been looking out for you all along. You've just been looking out instead of in. Questions or thoughts to share? Drop me a note. Need a guide? I can show you how.

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